Profile screen

Screenshot of the Profile screen in Stay Interview for iPhone

The Profile screen is where you can show or hide the About section, the Critical and Informal lists, and reset or delete questions.

To display the Profile screen, tap the silhouette icon at the top right of the main screen.

If the About section is being shown on the main screen, you can hide it by tapping “Hide ‘About’ section”. (You can also hide the About section from the main screen.)

If the About section is hidden, tap “Show ‘About’ section” to display it again.

The “Show Critical and Informal lists” setting will determine whether the Critical and Informal questions lists will be displayed. Hiding the Critical and Informal question lists will not remove the questions you have added to each list.

To reset what questions are added to the Interview lists (and the Critical and Informal lists if they are enabled). Resetting the questions shown on your stay interview lists does not delete any custom questions you have added.

To delete any custom questions you have added, tap the “Delete Custom Questions” button. Tap the “Delete” button to confirm. This will delete all custom questions you have added in any category. Note that deleting your custom questions cannot be undone.